Voor nederlandse lezers: zoals je kunt zien is deze website geschreven in het engels. Maar natuurlijk zijn lessen in het nederlands ook mogelijk! Als je na het lezen van de tekst nog vragen hebt, neem gerust contact met me op.

“Art is about creating a myth, education is about unfolding the very same myth” (Eef Albers)

Before turning to music, I studied Dutch language and literature in the city of Utrecht. Outside of Holland hardly anybody has ever heard of the poetry by Leopold, Martinus Nijhoff, J.C. Bloem, Lucebert and Rutger Kopland. I’m convinced that this would have been completely different, had they written their poetry in English.


Music also is a kind of language. For players and listeners alike, music is an all-consuming experience that makes us forget everything around us. The question how all of this can happen has always been highly intriguing to me.


Besides teaching privately, I have worked at the following schools and institutes: Marnix Academie (Utrecht), Royal Conservatory (The Hague, 25+ years), HKU Utrecht Conservatory.

As a clinician: Jazz Course, Dworp, Belgium; Musikhochschule Dresden, Germany; Conservatory of Damascus, Syria; IASJ meeting Luzern, Switzerland.

Online teaching: Portugal, Spain, China amongst other countries.

Areas of expertise: preparing students for an entrance exam; band coaching; history of the jazz guitar; mixing fingerstyle and plectrum jazz guitar techniques; jazz improvisation and arrangements for classical guitarists; sight reading on guitar; listening as a professional musician; transcribing solos; coaching young talents; guitar comping for vocalists.



“Thanks for your lessons. Each time you’re able to fuel my enthusiasm for the music.”

“Big up for the voice-leading goggles you gave us this Monday, super helpful!”

“Thanks, I found the motivic exercise today really helpful.”

“I really enjoyed what we did in class. Thank you so much!”

“I would just like to thank you for these 4 years. I really learned a lot and had a lot of fun in your lessons. You have always been serious, knowing and willing to share things. I really enjoyed and liked to go to your lessons because I knew everytime I would learn something new.”

“Thanks for your lessons. I’ve learned so much and have enjoyed every minute of them.”