Savanna Session

Savanna Anne en Wim

Anne and I enjoyed the concert last Thursday in The Hague at Savanna. Host Niels Tausk, doubling on bass and fluegelhorn, invited us to play a set of jazz standards with him and drummer Niek de Bruyn. It was big fun to perform for such an attentive audience of jazz lovers and students. Great also to hear everybody play during the session afterwards!

Anne Thomas & Wim Bronnenberg

Better than ever before! Vocalist Anne Thomas asked me to play on her CD, she became the love of my life, we got married and had children. Recently we started playing again as a duo.

The repertoire consists of our favorite songs from the American Songbook, the best from Brazil, folk songs by Joni Mitchell and many more.

Duo with Gé Bijvoet

Gé Bijvoet and I started working together in 1993 when I joined the Dick de Graaf Septet for a tour in Canada, traveling from Westcoast to Eastcoast.  Years later we would meet occasionally at gigs, sometimes in the company of saxophonist Ad Colen. Everytime we were stunned how easy it was to play together. So it seemed only natural to pick things up where we had left them.

A great starting-point for our cooperation are the arrangements Gé has been writing on well-known and less well-known jazz standards. It’s our ambition to make these beautiful pieces sound fresh and alive again. There will be recordings and concerts in the near future. To be continued!


Together with bassist Udo Pannekeet I have been busy since January, writing new repertoire for our trio with drummer Marcel Serierse.

I’m thrilled about working with Udo. We supplement each other wonderfully and I truly feel that our pieces could not have been written by one of us individually.

Back in the old days jazz musicians would write one pagers, that basically served as vehicles for improvised solos. In the last twenty or so years wonderful players and composers like Chris Cheek, Matt Penman, Mark Turner, Kurt Rosenwinkel have presented a new composing style that shows lots of worked out details and arrangement.

When writing Udo and myself aim at being melodical and compact. On the other hand we feel that music composed now should reflect our own time.